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In many senses, vocabulary is the key-skill to learn and master a new language. It doesn't matter which language you are trying to learn; you need to pick up the words that construct the language. The MYCOOLQ English vocabulary and communication contest could be your best companion to enrich your overall word collection and the way you apply them in your day-today communication needs.
You could think of it as the base upon which other critical skills reside upon – reading, listening, writing, and speaking. Effective expression of thoughts is the basis of communication. The necessity of expressing thought gave birth to the languages. First, there were just sounds, to be more accurate, meaningless sounds. The meaningless sounds then got affirmation from society and turned into meaningful sounds, more precisely - words.

The overall collection of the words in a particular language is known as vocabulary - the most critical parameter to learn a new language.

Why is Enriching Vocabulary Important?
David Wilkins, a noteworthy Linguistic once said, “Without grammar, little can be conveyed. But without vocabulary, nothing can be conveyed!” After all, any language has the sole purpose of conveying thoughts through effective communication.

Educational institutes, more specifically, the schools of every English-speaking country considers vocabulary tests very crucial to the students’ communication skills, both written and verbal. If you are a parent with a natural concern about your kids' education and future, MYCOOLQ is the right way forward. They determine your child’s strength in the English language in many ways and keep your child ahead of competition.

We think we are now on the same page regarding the importance of the vocabulary and the vocabulary test, especially in the English Language. There is one thing for sure – learning English is not as easy as it sounds. English is one of the most critical languages to learn and the most dominant one in the world. It is the most used and perhaps, misused global language that can let anyone communicate with everyone in the world – a common ground.

Building up Vocabulary: The Modern Way to Learn English

Over the years, the education specialist and English linguists have come up with a number of methods that can be effective.

In the early 1970s, the educators emphasized on the Communicative Approach. The idea was simple – serve the purpose of communicating with others, the core idea behind the invention of languages.

The Communicative Approach focuses on building up and enriching your child’s Vocabulary Bank. The more word a person knows, the easier it for him or her to communicate with others. In today's circumstances, there is more freedom for choosing a method of learning vocabulary.

The Schools put a lot of effort to teach the students more words – there is no other way but this one. Here’s where the vocabulary tests come to the scene. Tests are the easiest way to judge a person’s skills and knowledge.

But these tests have an adverse effect on human psychology too. They introduce fear of failure! With proper planning, adequate practice, and effective learning methods, anyone can conquer the fear and ace in the tests. MYCOOLQ has come out with a fun-filled format that eliminates fear of failure and motivates each child to bring out a better version of his or her own self.

How to Learn English Vocabulary?

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