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Welcome to MyCoolQ

Committed to develop English Vocabulary, Spellings & Communicative skills


We help children develop an interest to read and learn



We Enhance creativity and interpersonal relationship



Results of Spell-A-Thon Olympiads Grand Finale Held on 2nd February 2020

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Welcome to MyCoolQ

  • Spell-a-thon Olympiads, The company Headquartered at Kolkata, India
  • MyCoolQ.com is the Brand for this company 
  • A member of the prestigious Indian Chamber of Commerce 
  • A premier Organisation offering English Vocabulary Competitions conforming to global standards since 2012. 
  • School children from Classes I to XII can participate 
  • Offers a wholesome package of learning the basics of Spelling, Grammar, Comprehension, Vocabulary etc for english language
  • Enriching experience for students which in a spirit of Competitiveness filled with fun
  • Current Portfolio comprises the support of over 76 Schools and over 30000 students primarily from West Bengal and Assam.  

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We have Conducted our competition and counting more.




Since the beginning of our work, we have given necessary knowledge to many children.



Satisfied Parents

Every parent is completely satisfied with our English Vocabulary & Spelling Competition.

Our Mission

  • Develop language and communication skills in children.
  • Stimulate and encourage non readers to read.
  • Help children develop an interest to read and learn.
  • Develop the Research Skills in children.
  • Enhance the Vocabulary and comprehension.
  • Enhance creativity and interpersonal relationship bringing about an overall Personality development.

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Mittra Sinha Roy


"Thank you for your kind words of appreciation. l an glad that you and your entire team had a good experience conducting the exams. We appreciate your efforts and concern for minutely writing down the details of the results of each category. Your feedback will help our§Ó?? team to effectively guide the students to achieve better.

"Adamas International School"

Ranjana Ray


"The Spell -A-Thon Olympiad held in the school was a great success and the children enjoyed it thoroughly."
"The volunteers were able to inspire even the most reluctant students , hence there was complete participation."
"After the event the students claimed that they had not imagined it would be so very interesting. We appreciate the effort you have put in to formulate such a innovative paper."

Bridge International School"

C. A. Sullivan


"Spellathon Olympiads was conducted at Julien Day School, Howrah on February 3, 2014, by Miss Kiki Chatterjee. It was a very successful performance with all the students from classes I to VIII taking part. It was an adventurous and fun with learning experience for the students of these classes and the teachers enjoyed the activities connected with this as well."
"According to me, Spellathon Olympiads is actually a novel, creative, innovative and unique way of helping the uninitiated to develop the imperative skills for learning to write and speak better English. By means of exciting word games, children are taught to improve their word power or vocabulary without really realizing it, and this is remarkable! The only sad part is that we could not have more of this as time would not permit."
"Truly, I recommend this methodology of teaching vocabulary for the improvement and betterment of writing and speaking skills in English, for the pupils of all schools."

"Julien Day School"

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